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The Green River Gorge


The Green River Gorge


Lisa Parsons Named as One of Three Finalists for Seattle’s

Cox Conserves Heroes Program

Check out the Kiro TV interview with Lisa

A River Carved Canyon Wilderness...


There is a rich history of conservation of the Green River Gorge. There are also individual stories of people who have a strong connection to this unique river carved canyon.  A shared passion whether as a local growing up here, a fishermen, whitewater boater, equestrian, hiker, conservationist, or explorer.

This website showcases the work of conservation photographer, Lisa Parsons, who has spent 17 years as an advocate for conserving this unique area. There are stories from those connected to the river and it is a documentary on the conservation history starting with the original efforts by Wolf Bauer in the 1960s.

I hope that the stories, history, and landscape capture your attention and draw you in to become part of the story and the vision for the future. 


All photography by Lisa Parsons unless specified otherwise