Additional information with directions.

  1. Green River Gorge Resort
  2. Frankin Ghost Town, Mine, and Cemetery
  3. Hanging Gardens
  4. Icy Creek
  5. Kanaskat State Park
  6. Flaming Geyser State Park

Flaming Geyser and Kanaskat State Parks are located at either end of the gorge and offer the most maintained and developed trails and access.  Hanging Gardens and Icy Creek are not marked as trail heads and you'll have to be willing to navigate on your own.  The Green River Gorge Resort also offers parking, short hikes for access to the river but the trails and in some places stairs are steep and can be very slippery in wet conditions.  As with all access to rivers use caution and good judgement especially when rivers are running high.  Learn more about river safety.

If you have access to GPS files of the trails and access that you are willing to share please contact me via the contact form.