November Event


Join me for a visual journey down the

Green River Gorge Mountains to Valley Greenway

November 12th

 Presentation 4 to 5 pm

At the new Tukwila Library

14380 Tukwila International Boulevard
Tukwila WA 98168

Its winter and the river has transformed from slow moving summer currents into something different.  Jade green currents fill tight channels.  Bright green moss contrasts against the wet sandstone walls.  The edges are quiet, foreboding, and wild.  The river itself is louder and proclaims it domination of the narrow gorge.  The currents etch new courses, scouring sandstone walls. 

We're exploring the edges of the river near the old historic town of Franklin.  I've been told by the local old timers that there is an old coal car that rests within the river channel...

The Green River Gorge is upstream on the Green-Duwamish river. This 12 mile long gorge is the last lowland wilderness left on the river. Steep sandstone cliffs tower 150-300 feet above the river.  Springs emerge from the rim of the gorge and cascade into the water below. Otters, mink, bobcat, eagles, osprey, bear, and cougar find solitude along the secluded corridor.  Its rugged remoteness has allowed this special place to survive as the area around it is developed.

Experience the Green-Duwamish like never before.  Local conservationist and adventurer, Lisa Parsons, hiked, bushwacked, swam, and kayaked the entire 12 mile long Green River Gorge last summer to document this incredible riverscape. Now she brings her images and stories to communities along the entire Green-Duwamish.

Learn how you can help protect the Green-Duwamish River in your own community.  Here from local Green River advocate Dennis Robertson.