"The Green River Clean-Up was conceived by Volunteers for outdoor Washington. In 1985 they removed over 100 tons of trash, pollutants, cars, tires, appliances etc. on 130 miles of river banks from Tacoma’s Headworks to Elliot Bay. The 14 mile Gorge reach was organized by Washington State Parks Dennis Meyers, then Ranger At Kanaskat Palmer. Included Washington Kayak Club, Paddle Trails Canoe Club, Boeing Whitewater and Touring Club and the fledgling Washington Recreational River Runners".

Group of Rafters Below Paradise Falls

Group of Rafters Below Paradise Falls

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May 6th, 2017

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For the last 32 years the Washington Recreational River Runners and Friends of the Green, and others have been organizing a river cleanup of the Green River Gorge.  Whitewater boaters come from all over to run the iconic Green River Gorge and give back to their river.  As many as 500 boaters and ground crews have shown up to help clean up the river and shorelines of garbage.  Garbage that at times consists of flip flops, beer bottles, and deflated inner tubes.  Other times boaters and ground crews have removed old cars, motorcycle skeletons and even a car sized plastic jug. Last year someone pulled a truck out of the river.

River Cleanup.  A giant plastic water container?  Photo by Chris Hewitt

River Cleanup.  A giant plastic water container?  Photo by Chris Hewitt

Last year, a low water year, meant low flows for the cleanup.  With this year's heavy snow and rainfall we can expect better than average flows for the Green River Cleanup.  The weekend of the Green River Cleanup tends to be the most reliable time for a weekend run of the Green River Gorge, which is dam controlled with flow restrictions on weekends.

Last year's low water cleanup was still a successful event.  Washington State Parks Commissioner Pat Lance, her husband and Green River Gorge Park Manager Jeff Vassalo launched at Shangri-la, a private resort half way down the Green River Gorge. 

If you are an expert boater this is a great opportunity to run one of the top whitewater rivers in Washington State.  For non boaters or inexperienced boaters you can see the river through a reputable whitewater rafting company as a passenger or join one of the ground crews at various locations along the river.

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As always, garbage continues to be a problem where ever people can access the Gorge.  I doubt there will ever be a day when the Green River Cleanup is not needed.  For now the annual event is a great way to see this unique river gorge and give back to the river. 

For more information visit: http://www.greenrivercleanup.org