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Arts in Nature Festival

Interactive Display August 25th & 26th


Sunday 11am-6pm

Camp Long

5200 35th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126

Take a journey upstream, from the cityscapes of the lower Green-Duwamish river to the wild Green River Gorge.  The challenge is to recognize that it is one river from sky scrapers of Seattle along Puget Sound, to port docks, industry, warehouses, suburban homes, farm land, and wild lands of southeast King County.  The Green River Gorge is one of the last undeveloped areas before the Howard Hanson dam located at the base of the cascade mountains.  This one river supports salmon, wildlife, humans, and commerce along it's shores.  Streams and springs, the arteries and veins flow into the mainstem of the river. The river shows how we are all connected throughout the watershed.  What we do in one part of the watershed affects the river as a whole.  The health and strength of our communities, commerce, wild salmon and other wildlife is dependant on a healthy Green-Duwamish River.

I will be exhibiting video and photographs from my documentary The Green River Gorge, The Power of Place as part of an interactive display at Cabin 3 at Camp Long.  As part of that display I will be leading interactive activities around salmon in our watershed. Interactive activities are kid and adult friendly.   Please join me at the festival for a creative day of art and community.